Cadre Deployment thriving but killing Buffalo City

Issued by Dr Vicky Knoetze, MPL
Shadow MEC for COGTA

Former Executive Mayor Xola Pakati’s revelation that Buffalo City Metropolitan Municipality’s (BCM) new municipal manager (MM), Mxolisi Yawa, was appointed at the behest of the ANC once again highlights how rife cadre deployment is in the Eastern Cape.

Ironically, by trying to hang onto his job through implementing cadre deployment, he has inadvertently hung himself. By assisting with the deployment of cadres who clearly cannot deliver services to key positions in the city, he has created the environment that has been used to justify his removal.

Cadre deployment has played a significant role in the corruption, capture, and collapse of South Africa’s public sector.

Mayor Pakati’s admissions show the extent of cadre deployment and the manipulation of employment processes that are taking place in the city.

His shocking revelations follow the blatant abuse of power last month when ANC Provincial Secretary Lulama Ngcukayitobi, summoned Metro and District MMs to attend the ANC Lekgotla in East London.

These officials, who are accounting officers of the municipalities in question, should be apolitical.

The reality is that it does not matter who the new mayor is. Unless you deal with cadre deployment, you will simply be shuffling the deck chairs on the already sinking titanic.

Residents are already drowning due to gross mismanagement at BCM, which has resulted in stalled projects, collapsing infrastructure and a billing system that is completely unreliable.

Where else could a pensioner receive a rates bill of over R245 million?

It is no surprise that various projects are under investigation, such as the R110 million Water Park that has been left incomplete and abandoned.

The Democratic Alliance in Buffalo City Municipality will be reporting these allegations to the Special Investigations Unit.

The people of Buffalo City have become collateral damage because of the political instability caused by factional in-fighting in the ANC.

The DA will not stand by as corrupt cadres continue to wreak havoc in BCM.