Significant win for NPOs facing inadequate funding

Significant win for NPOs facing inadequate funding

Funding cuts to Non-Profit Organisations that take food away from the hungry, shelter from the elderly, and leave abused women and children without care, will have to be justified before the Portfolio Committee on Social Development prior to implementation.

The EC Department of Social Development (ECDSD) will also have to ensure that NPOs are given sufficient warning, in writing, before funding cuts are implemented. Where services to communities are impacted, the Department must ensure that alternatives are made available.

These changes have been brought about due to a motion on inadequate funding to NPOs, tabled by the Democratic Alliance in the Eastern Cape Legislature, which was unanimously adopted after being debated in the House.

This is a significant win for NPOs battling with inadequate funding and sporadic funding cuts with little or no notice from the Department beforehand, leaving them unable to provide services to their communities. Without the subsidy payments, NPOs are unable to pay staff, rent, water and electricity bills, fuel, and any associated costs in delivering these services.

The following resolutions have been adopted, and MEC Bukiwe Fanta now needs to ensure that these are implemented:

  • That the Department conduct an audit on how many NPOs will no longer be funded by the Department in the next financial year;
  • That the Department conduct an audit on how many people will lose access to social welfare services delivered by NPOs, per programme, if funding to these NPOs are reduced or removed;
  • That the Department produce a plan on how these services will be made available to residents and current service users of the Eastern Cape when funding is reduced for these NPOs, per programme;
  • That the Department inform the identified NPOs who will no longer be funded by the Department, at least three months in advance of funding being cut; and
  • That the Department produce these findings to the committee for urgent discussions.

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These NPOs are at the front lines, delivering services to the people most in need, fighting against overwhelming odds.

The DA will continue to fight for these organisations to receive the support they deserve, so that they can continue to service our communities, looking after those who need it most.