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Tsunami of violent crime sweeps across Eastern Cape

A tsunami of violent crime continues to sweep through the Eastern Cape, fuelled by a culture of lawlessness which sees people brutally murdered, buildings hijacked, long-distance buses attacked and taxi warfare. The second quarter crime statistics, released today, once again reinforce the province’s reputation as the killing field of South Africa. In the three months under review, 1 303 people were murdered across the province, a 31,3% increase compared to …

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Over 100 000 dropped calls to East London 10111 in three years

Over the past three years, more than 100 000 calls from people in East London seeking assistance from the police in a time of crisis never got answered. Even more damning is that the call centre has been without a reliable uninterrupted power supply since 2019! Individuals who are facing terror and danger from criminals in a time of crisis cannot be thrown to the wolves in this fashion. The …

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Nelson Mandela Bay 10111 in crisis

Severe staff shortages, absenteeism, loadshedding and damaged infrastructure have crippled Nelson Mandela Bay’s 10111 emergency call centre, leaving residents unable to get help in their time of crisis. The failure to answer calls is potentially life-threatening to people in danger from the criminal onslaught. Residents of Nelson Mandela Bay have been thrown to the wolves, with no recourse to help from SAPS. In response to an oral question during a …

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EC police stations worst in the country

The Eastern Cape has the worst police stations in the country, with 70 stations in the province in such a bad state that they pose a health and safety risk to occupants and cause major disruption to service capability. Of the 148 stations in the poor category across the country, nearly half are situated in the Eastern Cape. The DA will be escalating the matter to the National Assembly to …

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DA spurs EC Legislature to act on water crisis

A motion brought by the Democratic Alliance calling for the implementation of a Water Security Master Plan for each Eastern Cape Municipality has spurred the EC Legislature to act on the water crisis. The Kouga Local Municipality and the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipalities have already started running out of water. This is disastrous as households, businesses, schools and hospitals will be left to function without water and sanitation, which will …

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Eastern Cape crime spiralling out of control

The Eastern Cape SAPS is losing control of the spiralling violent crime in the province, with the highest murder rate per capita in the country at 15.7 murders per 100 000 people. The province also has the highest rape rate per capita with 27.6 rapes per 100 000 people. This carnage that is sweeping through our society is fuelling severe anxiety as more and more people are terrified by brutal …

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Massive decline in Police Reservists in EC

Bobby Stevenson

There has been a massive decline in the number of police reservists, with figures dropping by a staggering 75% over the past six years, resulting in significant setbacks to safety in the province. There are thousands of potential volunteers out there! Let’s harness the energy of the whole of society working together to restore trust in SAPS and plug the safety vacuum. The drastic declines were revealed in several responses …

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Huge vandalism spike in EC Metros

There has been a huge spike in vandalism cases of essential infrastructure in both the Nelson Mandela Bay and Buffalo City metros over the past financial year, placing significant strain on service delivery to residents. In Nelson Mandela Bay, reported cases more than doubled, rising from 143 cases in the 2020/2021 financial year to 292 reported cases in 2021/2022 financial year. For the same period under review, in Buffalo City, …

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Blue drop report reveals nearly half the Eastern Capes drinking water at risk

Vicky Knoetze

Nearly half of the Eastern Cape’s drinking water is at risk, with the Department of Water and Sanitation saying some systems are so severely compromised they have been flagged as critical risks, where water safety for consumers cannot be guaranteed. This is according to the latest Blue Drop report, the first of its kind to be released in nearly a decade. The report paints a devastatingly bleak picture of failing …

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Ballooning municipal arrears shows EC residents are suffering

Municipalities are owed a staggering R22 billion by Eastern Cape residents and businesses, a ballooning spiral of debt that highlights just how dire the state of household finances in our province has become. The figures were provided by Finance MEC, Mlungisi Mvoko, in response to a parliamentary question from the Democratic Alliance and raise alarms over upcoming municipal rates hikes. Download response The DA will once again appeal to Provincial …

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