All of the Democratic Alliance, Eastern Cape Legislature Caucus’s speeches

Members Statement: Call for Implementation of the Beachfront Safety Sector in the Summerstrand / Humewood area of Nelson Mandela Bay

The need for a Beachfront Safety Sector in the Summerstrand/Humewood area of Nelson Mandela Bay has become critical. The vandalism and destruction of the beachfront infrastructure continue unabated. I am appealing to the MEC for Community Safety to intervene. I first raised this in a portfolio committee meeting around 2017/18. The provincial commissioner at the time agreed to it. Sadly, this beachfront sector has not yet been implemented. SAPS is …

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SPEECH NOTES: Women’s caucus public participation report

Greetings Honourable Speaker, after reading this report I came to the conclusion that says WOMAN, YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN. It starts with this very institution that we are members of. We went on public participation without any prior work being done, and we expected to find stakeholders when no staff were sent prior to prepare for the activities. Should we then be surprised that across the province the meetings …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 8 Economic Development, Environmental Affairs and Tourism

Madam Speaker, Hon Premier, Members of the Legislature, officials and guests, I greet you all. It is common cause that DEDEAT is one of the most underfunded departments in the province. Despite this, it is this Department that bears the burden of economic development, which is the most crucial developmental objective our province and our country must achieve in order to stabilise our fragile and overcommitted fiscus. Sadly this is …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 7 Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs

Vicky Knoetze

THE DISTRICT DEVELOPMENT MODEL WILL NOT SAVE OUR COLLAPSING MUNICIPALITIES The District Development Model – Central Planning gone mad. Cost of Employment is out of control! Cadre Deployment in Local Municipalities is shaking the foundations of good governance. Honourable Speaker, Honourable Premier, Honourable members and guests, good afternoon. The District Development Model – Central Planning gone mad. Honourable Speaker, we keeping hearing about the District Development Model. However, it appears …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 9 Rural Development and Agrarian Reform

Honourable Speaker, Honourable Premier, Leaders of Political Parties, Members of the House Distinguished guests All protocols observed Agriculture has proven to be the most resilient industry across the world amidst the worldwide pandemic that we are currently experiencing. Even in South Africa the agricultural industry was the shining star amidst an economy that was in recession and which severely contracted. Last year the agricultural industry was able to record positive …

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SPEECH NOTES: Consideration of SCOPA Committee report

The Auditor General’s provincial audit outcomes paint a bleak picture of the Eastern Cape provincial government that is failing to practice consequence management. Not only did the province have the highest unauthorized expenditure in the country of R1.59 billion, but the Department of Health also still faces contingent liabilities of R36.75 billion, the highest of all national and provincial auditees. The AG says there’s significant doubt whether the health department …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 1 Office of the Premier

Kobus Botha

The report tabled by the chairperson on Office of The Premier (OTP) highlights the need for real change in the operations of our government departments, as they are struggling to deliver quality services. We have seen how the operations of three departments have been hampered because HOD’s for Health, Education and DRDAR have still not been appointed. Furthermore, the organograms for the departments of Public Works, Education, Health and Treasury …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 4 Social Development

Hon Speaker, all protocols observed, I greet all present here today. No-one can deny the devastating effect that the Covid pandemic has had on the people of our province. Jobs, income, stability and loved ones have been lost to this devastation. There is a saying that says, and I quote “Actions prove who someone is; words just prove who they want to be.” Let me elaborate on this. The MEC …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 3 Health

Jane Cowley

Madam Speaker, Hon Premier, Hon Members, officials and guests, I greet you all. Madam Speaker, the Department of Health in the Eastern Cape remains beset with administrative, human resource and financial challenges. It is fair to say that these have been exacerbated by the Covid-19 pandemic, but this is true for all departments. The greatest challenges in the Health Department are longstanding and have simply not been addressed adequately, because …

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SPEECH NOTES: 2021/22 Appropriation Budget – Vote 2 Legislature

Bobby Stevenson

Our legislature deserves praise for the speedy manner in which we adapted to the COVID crisis by moving over to a virtual platform to continue the work of this House. I believe that we were the first legislature to have virtual committee meetings and virtual sittings. It is good for our legislature to be able to lead the way in this regard. Similarly, there was public access to our sittings …

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