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Eastern Cape unemployment bloodbath continues

November 6th, 2018

The Quarterly Labour Force Survey, released by Stats SA last month, shows how the Eastern Cape economy is continuing to fail, along with the job’s bloodbath. This means thousands of families across the province will struggle to put food on the table, pay for medication and schooling for their loved ones. The fight to just survive in the Eastern Cape is getting harder. The third quarter statistics show the Eastern …

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Blatchford is so far left, he left out the facts

September 10th, 2018

In his letter, DA trips on its own sword (Saturday Dispatch: 1 September) Mr Mathew Blatchford states that very little has been accomplished by the ‘Trollip gang’, but he fails to substantiate his fantasies.  Blatchford is so far left, he left out the facts. Just two years in, and the DA-led government in Nelson Mandel Bay has made a huge difference, having achieved numerous successes including: The City is now …

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Letter to the Editor: By-election results show voters are hungry for change

June 11th, 2018

Dear editor By-election results show voters are hungry for change The article ‘ANC, DA certain BCM wards after poll’, (DD, 8 June) refers: The results of this week’s by-elections in the Buffalo City Metro (BCM) and Ingquza Hill Local Municipality confirms that the DA is on a solid growth path. The Democratic Alliance (DA) grew from 88% to 96.01% in the ward 18 by-election in BCM, and from 6.24% to …

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National Senior Certificate achievers should be treated equally

January 29th, 2018

The front page article “Bhisho’s R80 000 bursary blunder (Weekend Post, 20 January 2018) refers: The Department of Education in the Eastern Cape has committed a grave injustice by not publically recognising the achievement of Heather Diogo. Every learner who writes the National Senior Certificate examinations, whether they go to a government- or a private school, deserves to be treated equally as they all wrote the same examination. It is also …

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October 16th, 2017

The article by Ranjeni Munusamy in The Herald of 10 October 2017 refers: She remarked that leaders of the ANC are not flocking to the DA.  There is a very good reason why that is not happening:  they are in well-entrenched jobs. But their supporters are certainly doing it.  This is evident by the massive turnout of young people to the DA #DATA4ALL rally at the Nangoza Jebe Hall in …

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ANC has its head in a pothole

August 20th, 2017

The report in the Saturday Dispatch “DA ‘plastic road’ idea faces ANC dead stop” refers: The ANC’s outright dismissal of this proposal in disparaging terms illustrates quite clearly that this a party stuck with its head in a pothole.  This province has a crisis when it comes to maintaining our roads. This impacts on every community.  A roads network is vital for a growing economy and in the Eastern Cape, our …

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More support for DA: The Herald

November 15th, 2016

THE article, “Low voter turnout as ANC retains two wards in by-elections” (November 11), does not reveal the full story. What is extremely significant is that the DA vote grew substantially, as compared with the August 3 local government election result, despite the low voter turnout. In Ward 4 in Walmer Township, the DA increased its support from 7% to 14% of the vote, and in real terms grew by …

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Racial fascism sweeping SA

March 1st, 2016

THE burning of a photographic collage of struggle hero and former Progressive Federal Party public representative Molly Blackburn at UCT (The Herald, February 22) is symptomatic of a new racial fascism that is sweeping through our society. In this new order, people view life through a polarising, racial prism where there are no grey areas. It is either a simplistic black or white. As a former colleague of the late …

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No amnesty for civil servants with false qualifications

August 4th, 2015

The article “Give ‘fake’ civil servants amnesty, UDM tells Bhisho” (Daily Dispatch, August 4) refers: The Democratic Alliance does not support an amnesty for civil servants with fake qualifications.  We believe that we need a high performing civil service if we are going to deliver development to the people of the Eastern Cape.  We cannot cover up for under-performing civil servants who faked their qualifications.  Each year there are thousands …

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We can bring change to our society if we are unified: The Herald

May 4th, 2015

ON Freedom Day, the following came to mind: We have much to celebrate; We have much to mourn and; We have much to change. When we face situations like this, we need to always take the long view. Our society achieved a miracle in 1994, when we experienced a peaceful transition to democracy away from the harsh and brutal apartheid system. We celebrate the fact that we have one of …

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