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Mnquma’s pain

October 23rd, 2017

GROTESQUE certainly describes the goings-on at Mnquma (“Grotesque profits of graft” DD, October 19). My heart is broken. We are really suffering here in my hometown of Butterworth while ruthless people are playing with our funds. Every effort of government must be focused on improving the lives of all our people. To achieve this, all organs of state must be effective, transparent, accountable and coherent. But how can our people …

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October 16th, 2017

The article by Ranjeni Munusamy in The Herald of 10 October 2017 refers: She remarked that leaders of the ANC are not flocking to the DA.  There is a very good reason why that is not happening:  they are in well-entrenched jobs. But their supporters are certainly doing it.  This is evident by the massive turnout of young people to the DA #DATA4ALL rally at the Nangoza Jebe Hall in …

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SAA cuts set to further weaken the EC economy

September 18th, 2017

The front page article “SAA cuts big blow to hunting industry” (Herald, September 12) refers:  The news that the beleaguered SAA is considering curtailing the number of domestic flights to and from the Eastern Cape in order to regain some form of financial stability, is of grave concern. Business chambers in the province have been vocal in recent months about how more flights are required to develop stronger economic ties …

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ANC has its head in a pothole

August 20th, 2017

The report in the Saturday Dispatch “DA ‘plastic road’ idea faces ANC dead stop” refers: The ANC’s outright dismissal of this proposal in disparaging terms illustrates quite clearly that this a party stuck with its head in a pothole.  This province has a crisis when it comes to maintaining our roads. This impacts on every community.  A roads network is vital for a growing economy and in the Eastern Cape, our …

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Medico-legal claims: throwing money to the wind

July 25th, 2017

The article ‘No right policy diagnosis’ by Casper Lötter (Herald, 19 July) refers: The Democratic Alliance is deeply concerned about medico-legal claims and the Eastern Cape Department of Health’s ability to pay and to manage this crisis in a level-headed fashion. Eighteen months ago,  I raised it in a health portfolio committee meeting in the legislature, that a health ombudsman was insufficient because the problem lies in the hospitals, not …

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