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Health Department places thousands of jobs on the line with non-payment of suppliers

February 7th, 2019

The Department of Health is placing thousands of jobs on the line by not paying their suppliers on time, with debts in excess of 30 days amounting to close on R1-billion rand by the middle of the financial year. In response to a parliamentary question, Health MEC, Helen Sauls-August confirmed that the Department was in arrears by R929,9-million in September last year. SEE: IQP 47 Response 632 This is money …

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Kirkwood police station holding cells out of action

February 6th, 2019

The holding cells at the Kirkwood police station have been standing unused since May last year, according to information that was brought to my attention, diverting much needed police resources away from the communities they are meant to serve. Vehicles now have to be dispatched to the Addo holding cells, over 40km away, to transport suspects. This was confirmed after I conducted an unannounced oversight inspection at the Kirkwood police …

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Orchard theft continues to plague Addo farmers

February 4th, 2019

I recently met with a number of farmers in the Addo area who are once again having their orchards plundered by what is suspected to be a highly sophisticated criminal syndicate. The farmers informed me, Sundays River Caucus Leader councillor Karen Smith, and DA councillor Laticia Erasmus, that the scale of this plundering is running into millions of rands. The farmers are frustrated with the ability of the local Addo …

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Dr Beyers Naude Municipality shuts down libraries

February 3rd, 2019

The failing ANC government has shown that it has no interest in providing their communities with much needed resources to help give the people a fighting chance of securing jobs and improving their education. This after the Dr Beyers Naude Local Municipality announced that it would be closing all 12 of their libraries from Monday, 4 February, because the Department of Sport, Recreation, Arts and Culture has failed to pay …

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Another toilets in the veld scandal

February 1st, 2019

ANC toilets a monument to failed service delivery Along the outskirts of Ward 7, in Great Kei Municipality, more than 500 toilets scatter the area, a prevailing symbol of the ANC’s failed service delivery. This is another toilets in the veld scandal, just like the R12-million spent on 1,140 toilets in the veld outside Komga, and the R630-million Siyenza toilet scandal. Everyone seems to be benefitting from toilet contracts, except …

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